Happy New Year! 2021 seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Hopefully 2022 will be the year that we get back to normality.

It’s been so long since I posted here I will give a brief life update. Jake went to university and is loving it. It’s taken some time to get used to not having him here but I’m getting there. Joseph started his new college course and is thriving and Jack has settled well in to year 11.

We have had covid in the house twice. Jake caught it at the end of August, lost taste and smell and had a awful cough. Thankfully it cleared up within a week. I think I had it then too. I had the same symptoms as him but my PCR was negative. Even my GP said it was a massive coincidence.

Jason and the boys got it at the end of October. Not any of them showed any symptoms at all. I am so thankful that we have had it easier than so many others.

At the end of October I had a bit of a surprise for the family. I had gone away for my craft retreat and on the way home I picked up this little guy

Meet Max. He is a cocker spaniel and a whirlwind! He has settled in so well and he certainly rules the roost!

Ruby has taken to him so well.

Crafting seemed to take a backseat the last few months. Max meant I couldn’t craft on the sofa as he would try and grab everything….., work was manic and I just generally felt fatigued from everything. I did manage a few finishes and I apologise for the awful photos.

Playing with mixed media on a ATC
The photos show their true colour in this photo. A simple granny stripe cushion in Drops Paris yarn.
A small cross stitch by The Little Stitcher
Designed by Heart in Hand Needleworks
Another by Heart In Hand Needleworks
A scrapbook page
I made 10 hats for Hatathon. Need to take photos of them.

2022 Goals

I turn 40 this year. I have been thinking a lot about how I would like to make this year special with my crafting. Lots of ideas came about with temperature blankets, a stitch a day, a square a day and so on. Someone who I follow on Instagram is also 40 this year and she is having 222 cross stitch starts this year.

This led me to the idea of working on 365 projects in 2022. I roughly do 50 scrapbook pages and 50 cards a year so that’s a 100 straight away. Will I achieve it? Who knows but I’m going to have fun along the way. I have roughly planned most of my projects and embarrassingly I don’t have to buy anything to complete it.

I will also be restarting my Year Of Projects. I think January to December will work better for me.

I will have a tab at the top to list my projects that I have worked on. And explain the 365 project goals and rules.

As today is the 2nd here is what I have worked on so far.

A simple garter stitch blanket. It will be king size to fit my bed and is taking me 20 minutes to complete a row. I am using up acrylic scraps.

Today I am feeling poorly as I had my booster vaccine yesterday. I am currently in bed feeling very sorry for myself. I am going to watch a film and craft away.

Enjoy your week

Laura x



Hello how are you all? You might want to get comfortable as it’s going to be a long one.

It’s been a rather busy summer holidays here. The boys are older and don’t really need me anymore. For the first time I have been able to do as I please. Well kind of, they still want lifts everywhere. I have spent the past few weeks with friends and family. The last 18 months has been far too long to go without seeing them. We celebrated Jack turning 15 and we will be celebrating mine and Joseph’s this week. He will be turning 17! You blink and they are grown up!

Me and Jack

In between everything I have spent a lot of time crafting. No deadlines for anything and just picking what I want to do, when I want to do it. I have some in works but I will just show you the finished items today. I have had so much fun.

Firstly are these little trees. I came across the pattern on Pinterest but I can’t find it now. The took a matter of minutes to make each one. I need to make a load more. I’m not sure if I want to make them in to bunting for Christmas or to use them to decorate wrapped gifts. I am using brown paper this year so these should jazz them up a bit. I used scraps of Stylecraft.

Next up is a simple pincushion. You should know by now I love making and collecting pincushions and this one will fit right in. I used drops yarn and made 2 granny squares. I made a simple stuffed cushion for inside and used dc (sc for those in the US) to stitch it together. I then made a simple flower to go on top.

The back

The above pincushion was made from scraps left over. I had the yarn out already as I was making this. This is a drops pattern linked in my ravelry page.

It’s a pot holder and I adore it. It will never be used but it will be hung up in the kitchen.

Again using the same yarn I made a simple candle holder. It’s fan stitch. To some it may seem a faff but I love little things like that and they make me smile. To me that’s a good enough reason to make them.

These were also made with the same yarn. The Joy dishcloth. They are such a pleasure to make and I have a few more where I just need to weave the ends in. The yellow one was made whilst out for dinner and a catch up with friends.

Lastly using the yarn (in this post anyway) I made this big jar cover for a Kilner jar. Next week I should be able to show you what’s going in there.

The colours are a bit off so hopefully this picture will help.

Last night I had a play and made a baby Yoda for the tree. I didn’t follow a pattern and I just went for it. It’s okay but the green is off and I’m not quite sure.

One thing I wanted to do this year was make more for charity. I have a managed a few things this holiday.

First up is these baby hats. The small ones are tiny, it’s heartbreaking. you can only use acrylic yarn as they can’t be itchy and need to be washed at high temperatures.

Next up was this blanket.

And another blanket

They are such quick makes but make a world of difference to the hospitals. I am hoping to have a box full by the end of the year to donate.

As you know I adore bunting. I have made some for the dining room. I think I showed it you a few weeks ago when I started. Here they are completed. I need to sort through my ribbons to thread them. I will show you a picture when they are up.

I made some pumpkins. I need to add some raffia round the twigs to finish them properly.

I also finished my Attic 24 flower heart. I love the cuteness of this. I’m just debating on where to hang it.

We also have another dishcloth. Jake is going to university in September. He was writing a list of what he needs and he asked me to make him a load. I have to say I am very happy he has asked me to do this. I am just making simple ones in grey, white and blue. Grey for cleaning his en suite, white for the kitchen and blue for personal use.

Finally I have done a tiny bit of sewing. This was a free kit from somewhere. My stitches aren’t great but it adds to the charm I think.

If you are still reading then thank you. I have had so much fun the last few weeks.

See you next week

Laura x



Good evening all. It’s a bit later in the day that I’m posting today. I was hoping for the sun to come out but it’s been grey and miserable all day. I apologise in advance for the dark photos.

Thank you all so much for your kind words on Bentley. He will be truly missed. Ruby is coping okay without him. She’s a bit clingy but is loving all the extra attention she’s getting.

It’s the summer holidays here and I have enjoyed the week just puttering around at home. The boys have been busy with friends so it’s just been me and Ruby. We caught up on tv programmes that I have had recorded for months, lots of baking and organising and generally just doing as I please.

Here are some things that I’ve made this week.

Firstly is this pattern you can find Here

I’m not that keen on the finished item. It’s very bulky. It will look fine on the craft room wall. I used Drops Paris yarns.

Next up is a scarf/cowl for a friend. She made one very similar years ago and it’s now become tatty. She has given up yarn crafts so I have made her this. It’s just a simple granny stitch cowl. I used Stylecraft DK

You may remember when I posted this last year. I finally finished it off yesterday. I used random yarns out of stash. It’s my porch bunting.

The green is a very light sage green in natural light…

I had a play with a felt kit that was gifted to me at Christmas. It was very simple to do. I love bees 🐝

Whilst organising I found a bag of squares. Some are cream and some are white. I am going to turn them into a blanket for Ruby’s bed.

Finally I have been working on a hat. This is the Sea Urchin hat. You can find the pattern Here I am using yarn from ALDI.

I’m hope you all have a lovely week.

Laura x


Year of projects week 4

Hello all. How has your week been? It’s been a very busy one here with leavers afternoon tea and prom. School finished on Friday lunchtime and I am looking forward to the next 5 weeks off.

There is not much to show you at all for the last fortnight. We have had a heatwave here in the U.K. and I’m useless when it’s too hot. I don’t sleep well, even with fans on. Add to the late nights at work, end of term fatigue and the sadness we have experienced this week, not a lot has been done.

I did finish this ornament to go on the tree. The stitching was completed years ago I just made it in to an ornament.

I am taking part in Ravellenics and I have my basket of projects to work on. They are only smalls so I should get a few finishes

We have had a very sad week here. On Tuesday Bentley went to Rainbow Bridge. I knew it was coming but we thought we had more time. When I got home Monday evening his eye and nose weren’t right. The vet told us to bring him home and take him back Tuesday. Tuesday morning his rumours were so much worse. He was eating peanut butter, wagging his tail and giving us kisses right to the end. This is the last photo I took of him.

I think he was smiling at me

This is the first photo I took of him

We were so blessed to have 7 and a half years of loving him. He was the most handsome and loyal companion you could ask for. I am so thankful for the time we had with him.

Laura x



Hello have you had a good week? It’s been a mixed bag here. I went for dinner with friends on Tuesday evening which was lovely. It was my first time inside somewhere this year! Wednesday morning I woke up feeling not too great, I felt nauseous. I went to work as usual and started to feel better. When we took our lateral flow tests mine turned positive! I was ushered out of work quite rapidly as you can imagine. I couldn’t get a test locally and had to do a 44 mile round trip for the PCR test. A few days in isolation again and thankfully the result was negative. My emotions were a bit all over the place this week.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Firstly I have been working on my 9th baby blanket this year. We have had 14 pregnancies in work since last March! I no longer drink the water at work just in case 😜 I have just started a new ball of yarn. These work up so quickly. Just a basic granny stripe.

I also managed a few rounds in my very scrappy blanket. This is using the scraps of 2g or less that aren’t any use for anything else

I need to make another magic ball with these scraps

I got the sewing machine out this morning. My table currently looks like this….

I have made a project bag.

I repaired this Cath Kidston duvet cover. I caught my foot in it and ripped it along the seam.

I needed a new peg bag. I love this fabric

And finally I am making a small table mat. I want to make one for each season. This one is more spring but I could easily use it for summer too. It’s not perfect but I adore it so far. It needs the other row adding, squaring up, quilting and binding. I am hoping to get that finished today. I’m not sure I will be able to focus when the match is on later tonight. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Wishing you all a wonderful week

Laura x



Welcome to year 2 for me and year 11 for the Year Of Projects.

Last year I didn’t do very well keeping up with the blog at all. I also didn’t craft as much as I wanted to. I can’t even remember half of what I made!

This year I have plans for that to change. I am looking forward to blogging and talking about my makes.

My goals for this year are quite simple. Last year I had a list as long as my arm and I became quite overwhelmed with it. This year my goals are smaller – I still have a huge list in my diary though.

One of my big goals this year is stash busting. I am feeling quite overwhelmed by my stash as it is so big. I also need to start using those gorgeous skeins I keep buying.

I have decided to weigh all the yarn projects I make and weigh all of the yarn coming in. By the end of the year I am hoping to have used a lot lot more than I have purchased. I am also on a bit of a stash ban. I am currently part of a mini club until December that I will continue with but I am hoping not to buy any yarn for 12 months 🥴 my goal is to use up 10kg of yarn….

My other goals are :-

1, knit a pair of socks. This was one of last years goals too and I didn’t manage it. I am getting more confident with knitting so I’m going to try during the summer holidays.

2, Make a dishcloth a month. They can be knitted or crocheted. I use them all the time and I would like some for gifts.

3, Make an ornament a month. I love handmade ornaments and have made loads so I am going to continue this.

4, Knit a shawl. Again as my confidence has grown I want to try new patterns.

5, Take a class. I don’t know what class I want to take yet but it is a huge goal of mine this year.

This year will also be the year of the blankets for me. I have more baby blankets to make and some (quite a few) WIPs here already that I am working on. I have 2 knitted ones ready to cast on and I am making Jake another crochet blanket for university.

Right, on to what I’ve been up to this week. I have a small finish inspired by the Christmas in July posts I have been seeing.

It’s a crochet dishcloth. I used a whole ball of Sugar and Cream Mistletoe. I found the pattern on Instagram. It’s a lot bigger than I would usually make and I’m not too sure if it’s too big or not.

I have also added a few squares to join up my Battenberg blanket.

The colours are way off due to it being very grey today.

I have been doing some embroidery. These are Gail Pan Designs. There is six in the set. They are designed to go in a quilt but I’m making small pillows for my dough bowl. They will look great at Christmas.

I’m slowly working on my Litmus Cowl. It’s the perfect project to work on during online meetings at work.

Have a good week

Laura x


Week 48

Again it’s been a long time. What can I say apart from life has got in the way. I’ve been poorly and am slowly on the mend. Bentley has had another lump removed and healing is taking a while. He has a 6 inch scar down the back of his neck and he keeps moving his head – as you do- so he is having regular check ups. The sun has finally arrived in the U.K. and I have been busy gardening.

Anyway, you are here for the makes. I have a few to show you. First is my first ever knitted make!!!! I knit a hat! I purchased a book from Lidl (if you’re not in the U.K. it’s very similar to ALDI). The book is called – You will be able to knit by the end of this book’ by Rosie Fletcher and was a bargain at £3.99. Well guess what? The title was right I can knit!

If you remember a while back I crocheted a shawl but I wasn’t happy with it. It was hand dyed 4ply and quite expensive. I didn’t want to waste it so I unraveled the shawl. I used the yarn held double with a mohair. Here it is

The rolling is part of the design. Here is the photo from the book.

It was a joy to make. Here is a close up of the yarn.

Next up was finishing my mitts. I just made these up as I went along. I used Drops Alaska scraps to make these.

They fit perfectly and are all ready for autumn.

I also knitted a dishcloth. I was going to block it but it’s to wash my dishes with so why bother… I used Drops Paris.

I have been finishing a blanket. I need to sew all the ends in. Why don’t I ever learn? I need to sew them in as I go along. I haven’t decided on a border yet. All the yarn is Stylecraft DK

A better photo of the colours.

The aim is to sew in the ends of a block a day.

I was teaching a friend to crochet at work and I made a little pincushion out of scraps.

I recently had some very good news at work and I treated myself to a kit I have had my eye on for a long time. It’s on Etsy and will make a seaside theme display. I am nowhere near finished but I am enjoying the process.

Here is my yarn for a new project. I am taking part in the Simple Pleasures hat Kal on ravelry. It’s being hosted in the Ollie and Bella group. I have ripped it out twice. Does the first row of ribbing always look awful? Should I just persevere?

So there we have it today. I have a lot more to show you but I will save it for next week. Thank you for reading.

Laura x


Year of Projects number ???

Well it’s been a while. You may want to get a cup of tea, this is going to be a long one. I’m typing this the evening before we all go back to school. There are some nerves and I’m not sure if they are mine or the boys.

My mum asks me every week if I have blogged. So this one is for you mum. This isn’t even half of what I have been up to. I have crafted every single day this year and I have so many projects finished and in progress and I love them all. In my bullet journal I have been tracking my makes this year and I have completed 47. Not bad for the 64th day of the year.

I haven’t blogged for a number of reasons. This lockdown felt very different to previous ones. Work was harder, homeschool was harder, I miss family and friends so much. The motivation to be happy online dwindled. I’m back with a vengeance now so be prepared for lots of posts.

First up is this cute plant hanger. I was working on my Nordic Shawl and had it folded. I thought about the simple granny triangle and how it would be good to hold a plant. This took me less than an hour. I used Drops cotton in white and denim. this is in the hallway and I’m thinking of making a trip to put in the bathroom.

Next up is this gorgeous Mandala. The colours are very me and go with everything in my house. I used up scraps of Stylecraft DK from a blanket I made years ago. The pattern is from a magazine and very simple. It looks lovely with a vase of flowers on it. I have put it away as the big renovations should be starting in a few months and it will be lovely when everything’s finished and I can pull out my makes to use.

These are just simple face wipes. I have made half a dozen but need quite a few more. They take no time at all to make and I keep cotton and a hook in my bag whilst I’m waiting to pick Joe up from work.

This next one I am very very proud of. I’m knitting something!!!

About a month ago I picked a book up in Lidl. The tile was At The End Of This Book You Will Be Able To Knit. It was £3.99 and it’s amazing. I have learnt so much. I am knitting a hat in the round! I have finally understood how to knit in the round. I have made so many mistakes with previous projects that have had to be frogged. I could not understand how to join in the round. I was stupidly going back and forth instead of going round 🤦‍♀️

The yarn is Sherry Iris Beatrix Potter 4ply and I am holding it with Get your fluff on from Hobbycraft. The yarn is from a shawl I showed in here a few months back. I didn’t like the shawl so I ripped it all out. When yarn is nearly £20 a skein I have to really love the finished item. I am so so pleased with this. Here is a close up of the knitting.

I have been doing a lot of Cross stitch. I am taking part in a few year long challenges on Facebook. This is a bunny that is stitched on wood. It was a free gift with a cross stitch magazine. It should be a brooch but I’m going to hang it off my easter tree.

This next project is very different to what I usually post. As I’ve said previously we are having some renovations this year. The whole house needs rewording as part of it and everywhere will need redecorating after. We are working to an extremely tight budget so the extras that I want I am having to make myself or go without.

I have an addiction to plants. We have over 30 in the house. Plant pots are really expensive! I needed a big one for a plant in the bathroom. Online I couldn’t find one the size and style I want for less than £30! I picked up a plastic bin from Lidl for 99p. I covered it in cotton (I have a 2kg cone of undyed cotton that is too rough for dishcloths) sticking with my glue gun as I went along. When finished I got some Stampin’ Up ink pad refill that I had in my stash and added it to some water. I placed the bin in there for 24 hours. The water came up to where the darker blue ends. The lighter colour is where it worked its way up. I adore this and it looks great with a huge plant in it.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone but I made a few things for it this year. First off was this candle mat. The pattern is free on the Moogly blog. It took hardly any time but was a lovely addition to the table. Again I used left over Stylecraft DK.

I then made these two cross stitches. I made them in to pillows and popped in my dough bowl.

This one is free from Hands on Designs.

Lastly is plant pots again. You will have to excuse my extremely messy craft desk. I’m a messy crafter. None of these are prefect but will look lovely in a shelf.

This one is an old twine tin. I was given a bag of leather scraps and this mustard is exactly what I was after. I used my glue gun to stick it on. There is obviously a join at the back but when it’s on a shelf no one will see that.

The next two are paint cans. They are never used paint cans and not too big. Over 10 years ago I ordered them as everyone on the scrapbook forums were using them decorated to put gifts in. I never got around to mine. I found them in the attic whilst putting the Christmas decorations away. They sat on my desk for a week or two whilst I decided what to do with them.

This one is very simple, again using my glue gun I wrapped twine around it. You can’t see but I added 3 very chunky beads to the bottom to raise it up.

Finally this one may be my favourite. I wanted rustic and a natural looking one. I used twigs I had collected and dried out. This will be for my bathroom shelf with a trailing plant in it. Again I used beads at the bottom to raise it up.

Thank you if you have made it to the end. I hope you don’t mind me showing you some of my home makes along with knitting and crochet. I will be back next week with another big post to show you some more.



Year Of Projects Week 29

Well it’s been a while and I still didn’t post on the right day. I have a few things to show you today from the last few months.

First up we have a new WIP. Just some simple wrist warmers/fingerless gloves. It’s a very simple pattern to follow. Here is the link. I am using Drops Alaska odd balls I had in my stash. This is my online meeting project at the moment.

Next up is a very quick embroidery. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I am creating a hoop wall on the landing. This is to join the rest of the hoops when we have finished the decorating.

I tried a new craft over Christmas. I was gifted a needle getting kit. The kit was to make a robin. I’m going to try and craft some legs from wire so he stands up. If not I will add ribbon for the Christmas tree. I’m quite pleased with my fist attempt.

I have started the baby blankets. This is the first one. I am just doing a simple granny stripe. I’m enjoying a stripe here and there. I’m only crocheting it in my bedroom as I’m paranoid if I do it downstairs it will be covered in dog hair.

One of my goals this year is to make a Christmas decoration a month. I have completed January’s already. These were very simple just using wood slices.

The last thing I will show you today is a biggie! In this basket is 510 Battenberg squares!! All of the coloured squares are finally finished. Now I just need to join them as I go with 510 white squares. I’ve put it away for a few weeks whilst I finish other projects.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week and are keeping safe and well.

Thank you for visiting.

Laura x



We are in 2021, how on earth did that happen? last year seemed the longest year but went the fastest ever!

It seems an age since I dipped my toes in to this blog. No excuses just life. Three children, work, family, home and a pandemic on top. Crafting took a back seat. I lost my mojo. I had no energy or inclination to pick up a needle, glue stick or hook. It’s a hobby so there is no pressure at all.

One evening in December I was watching Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on channel 4. There was a gentleman on there who did wire shaping. It’s hard to explain so I won’t bore you but it excited me. All I needed was floristry wire and a rock. I ordered the floristry wire straight away. I still haven’t made what I was originally going to do but never mind I will.

This started a tumbleweed of me being inspired everywhere I looked. I wanted to try all the crafts. I’m excited to try them. Christmas saw a lot of crafting gifts. I got a loom, punch needle kit, Fimo, paper flowers and so much more. The biggest gift was this

And then this

I have never done anything like it before but I’m enjoying the process. The plan is to not buy any furniture at all and to make it all myself. One is going to be modern and the other one farmhouse/country cottage style.

I have a few finishes to share with you over the next few weeks that kept me busy over the Christmas holidays.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Laura x