Year Of Projects Week 6

Hello all. How are you? If you are in the UK are you enjoying the heatwave? We have been to the beach in the evening to cool off. We only live just over an hour from the south coast, and it’s a lovely drive there. We get there about 7ish and stay until it gets dark at 9.30. I couldn’t imagine going in the day when it is packed and busy.

Here is one of me and two of my boys.

My youngest is 14 today. He got us up extra early which I wasn’t expecting. Especially after a late night. We had an evening of Xbox and snacks. It turns out that I’m not very good at Xbox 🤣

I am still having a problem with commenting on blogs. My eldest has had a look and we think it may be easier to set up a google account so I can comment. He’s going to help me do that tomorrow.

So what have I been up to this week? Not a lot I can show you unfortunately. I am involved in a few Christmas swaps on Instagram so I have been working on those. I can show you them at Christmas. I do have some things to show you though.

Firstly the Battenberg squares, I now have 60 left to do before I join them all with the white. I can’t wait. The picture was taken yesterday morning but all of the ends are now sew in. I managed 11 squares this week.

Next was a bit of patchwork. I’m not happy with the linen fabric. It was awful to work with. This is a panel for a patchwork knitting bag.

I also finished my bag. The handles were awful to do. I had to read the pattern about 20 times as it just didn’t make sense. I finally got there. It’s perfect for what I want it for.

I have finished another project but it’s not on the YOP list. It’s a shawl that’s in my ravelry projects. I followed the pattern to the letter but it has come up too small. The top also doesn’t give a straight edge. I had concerns whilst making it but I persevered. Not even blocking it is going to help. It will be too small. The yarn is a Sherry Iris 4ply in a Jemima Puddleduck colourway. I adore the yarn so I’m going to unravel it and make something that I love.

So that was my week. Bentley is doing okay. I took him for a dressing change and it turns out his scar has spilt open at the bottom. He is now back on painkillers and antibiotics. He’s happy in himself though.

Enjoy your week


Year Of Projects Week 5

Hello all. Firstly let me thank you all for your lovely comments and get well wishes for Bentley. Also I apologise I have only got around to visiting half of the blogs from last week. I am going to visit everyone tonight.

I can’t believe it’s August already! I know it’s not been a great year but it’s just flown by. I have a few things to show you that I completed this week but first an update on Bentley. He had surgery on Friday and seems to be okay. He’s very quiet and tired but I think that may be the painkillers he’s on. Hopefully that is the last surgery 🤞🤞 Here he is in his cone of shame. I can’t wait for it to come off as he’s trashed the rose bushes with it. He walks around like a number car knocking it in to everything…

I did work on my Nordic Shawl this week but I didn’t take a photo as it’s just more rows of grey. I definitely need to order more grey yarn. It serves me right for not reading the pattern properly and just going on what someone else had in their projects pages on ravelry.

I had a really enjoyable quick make this week. I had purchased this in March along with an embroidery that says we all stayed home. It’s from Cotton Clara. Not took me about 15 minutes to do and I love it. It will take place on my gallery wall when I have decorated. It’s a wooden shape with the holes in to put the stitches.

My next make I am in love with. It came out a lot smaller than expected but it’s so cute. I can easily fit a ball of yarn and 9″ circulars in there. I used left over fabric from my old living room cushions and a pair of old cords. I’m going to make another one but bigger.

I managed 11 battenberg squares at football but I haven’t seen the ends in yet.

Another dishcloth/facecloth was made whilst waiting at the vets.

Lastly, and this isn’t on my YOP list, I made a pincushion. On Instagram every year there is a Beatrix Potter Swap. Due to the circumstances this year the hosts decided to run a make along. The hashtag if you want to follow or take part is #BeatrixPotterMAL2020 I adore what I made. I picked up this from a charity shop before lockdown for £1 and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It was very easy and simple. Here is how it started off

It’s an egg cup and with some glueing and sticking this is what I ended up with. It’s perfect for my sewing desk.

I have a lot of sewing to do this week. This is how my bed looks today….

First thing on the list is masks. I have finally found a pattern I’m happy with so I want to make a dozen or so for the 5 of us. We have some already but with everyone at work, college and school in September I think we are going to need a lot more.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Year Of Projects Week 4

Hello all. How has your week been? I think I may have managed to sort the comments problem out. I have commented on everyone’s blogs and if I couldn’t I replied to you on the ravelry thread.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and get well soon wishes for Bentley. Unfortunately we received bad news. The infection is cancer. He is in for surgery to remove the growth on Friday. The vets are certain it has spread and we have been told we are looking at a year left with him. If it has spread rapidly it could be a case of weeks. We are devastated as you can imagine.

Due to the news our week has been a bit all over the place with not being able to concentrate on much. When I did craft I needed something soothing and not taxing on the brain.

I started a new project from my list. It is the Nordic Shawl. I am using Drops Karisma. I am keeping fingers crossed that I have enough of the grey. I really don’t want to have to buy more wool if I can help it. This is very easy so far with not much concentration. I enjoyed an episode of Cranford and I had made a lot of progress.

Now please excuse the un ironed bedding. Life’s to short…

I’m looking forward to this shawl covering my shoulders in the winter evenings. I live with 4 males who in the depths of winter, walk around with just a pair of shorts on whilst I am shivering away. This should help keep me warm.

Next I managed some hand stitching. I am making a hexagon needle book. Here is the hexies for the front. I used scraps of liberty fabrics and they are 3/4″ hexagons.

Looking at my stitching on the photo, it doesn’t seem very neat so I may unpick and start again.

Next up is my Battenberg Squares. At the vets you can’t go inside due to the current restrictions so I wait in the car for Bentley. I managed 18 squares this week. I have 82 to go and then I can join as I go the 510 white ones.

Last night I managed to work on my bag. I got all of the white finished. I live in a three storey home and I couldn’t be bothered to walk upstairs for the magazine to complete the blue handles. I should hopefully get it completed this week, all going well.

Finally I managed to complete some gifts for the gift drawer. These are just simple lavender sachets with the lavender grown and dried from my garden.

I will leave you with my favourite photos from my week.

The first sunflower that opened.

Beautiful sweet peas

These gorgeous two.

Have a lovely week everyone.


Year Of Projects week 3

Good afternoon. How are you all? I hope you’ve had an enjoyable week. It’s been a busy one here. I have been back and forth to the vets with Bentley for dressing changes. Thank you for all of his well wishes last week. He seems to be healing well but they are sending a sample of for testing. We should hear back tomorrow so we are keeping fingers crossed all is well.

I had a busy week with work and homeschool. Ds3 has now finished school for the summer and I am in work for training on Tuesday. We are then going to relax for the summer.

Due to getting things finished for work I didn’t get around to much this week. I only managed 2 squares for my Battenberg blanket at football training. I haven’t even taken a photo of them. I have completed a mandala from Here I left of the last 3 rows as it’s for a jam jar of sweet peas to sit on.

It was very quick and took less than an hour.

I started the Off To Market bag from Simply Crochet issue 30. It’s an enjoyable mindless make. I am using Drops Paris.

The final clue came out for the mystery CAL. I have seen some finished shawls and scarves on Instagram and I’m not going to make it. It’s a lovely pattern but it’s just not my style and I would never wear it. The few squares I have made up will go in to either my Battenberg blanket or my leftovers scrappy granny square blanket.

So that’s it. Apologies there isn’t much to share. I’m hoping to have more to show you next week. I am still having trouble with blogger and being able to comment on blogs. I will have more time to look in to it this week and will hopefully get the problem solved.

Have a good week


Year Of Projects Week 2

What a week! I had plans to do lots this week and it all went to pot.

I am the Year Leader Assistant at a senior school for years 10 and 11. I have been very lucky to have been working from home during the pandemic. This week was manic. We close for the summer on Friday so I have been so busy getting everything done. We had a virtual leavers assembly for my year 11s which was lovely but heartbreaking at the same time. They didn’t get the ending to school they deserved. As my year 11s have left I will be taking on the new year 7s in September. I have been working 9-10 hour days to get it all done. Roll on Friday!

The start of the week didn’t go as expected. I wrote a list of what I wanted to achieve and I managed 3 things. There just didn’t seem time to sit and concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes.

Firstly this guy had to have emergency surgery

He caught his dew claw and caused a massive infection in his foot. He was very good and all went well until he chewed the bandage off and caused the wound to open. He is now wearing the cone of shame and refusing to even look at me. I did manage some crochet in the car whilst waiting for him to have his daily bandage changes, but most of the time I was in my phone replying to emails.

I got 15 of my Battenberg squares finished. I am hoping to have all of the coloured squares finished over the summer and I can then join as I go with the white.

Secondly I finished another dishcloth whilst watching a film Sunday evening. I need to sew the ends in today. Again it is Drops Paris using the same pattern I linked to in my last post.

Finally I managed two knitted squares. They are stocking stitch. I need to sew the ends in and block them. These squares are so enjoyable and as they are 21 stitches across, so quick to do.

So that was my week. I did try and get to all of your blogs but some wouldn’t let me comment as I don’t have a google account. Thank you all so much for your comments last week. It’s lovely to be part of a community who shares the same passions in crafts.


Year of Projects

Hello and welcome to my first Year Of Projects post.  It’s going to be a long one so you might want to get comfy.

When I stumbled across the Ravelry group Here  I was very excited.  It seemed like the perfect thing for me.  I have spent the last few weeks in busying myself kitting up for my projects.  My list is Here.  I will unashamedly admit it is a HUGE list.  I went through all of my books, magazines, Pinterest and patterns to pick these projects.  Will I complete them all?  I doubt it, but I’m going to give it my best shot.  For the knitted projects I haven’t chosen my patterns yet.  With learning to knit, it feels like a whole new world has been opened up to me.  It’s a very exciting journey to be on.

I am currently working on some projects for a 12 days of Christmas swap, which is hosted on Instagram.  I haven’t included any of the items on my list,  I can’t show what has been made until after Christmas.  I am hoping to have it all completed before I go back to work in September.

I have been busy this week on the crafting front though.  Here is what I have managed to do.

A sedge stitch dishcloth from Here It is may favourite dishcloth/Face cloth to make. It has enough texture to exfoliate but is still soft enough for skin.   Its also perfect for washing the dishes! I made it with Drops Paris Cotton.

Next off the list is a Large rainbow project bag.  Apologies the photo is upside down.  I have a bolt of this IKEA fabric from when the boys were small.  I made a simple zipped bag.  I need some bigger bags for when I am working on a project with more than one or two skeins of yarn.

I have also worked on my Lockdown Blanket.  I am finished apart from sewing in the million ends.  The start of lockdown triggered my anxiety quite badly.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I needed something easy.  I grabbed the yarn that had been free with a weekly magazine (teaching you how to knit…) and just made a granny square lap quilt.  The simple process of just going around and around was soothing.  The balls were only 25g so as soon as I run out of one I just added another,  All of the colours match in someway so it looks lovely.

This next one is really unexciting.  I am trying to reduce our household waste and also being very conscious of what we bring in to the home.  I am very much of the mindset reduce, reuse and recycle along with Make do and Mend.  I read an article in the last couple of weeks about plastics now being in our fruit and vegetables.  Apparently there is so many microfibers in our water there is just no getting away from it.   I have been guilty of using microfiber cloths in the past.  I will never buy them again.

I made some simple cleaning/polishing rags.  It’s an old nightie that was starting to fray at the edges.   After I had taken the buttons off and put them in the button jar, I used pinking shears to cut in to squares and just sewed a zig zag around.  The took about 10 minutes to make.

This one is again a really simple make.  I made a crochet necklace from a tutorial on Pinterest.  It honestly took no more than 10 minutes.  I have lots of t shirt yarn so I may make a few more.  I love funky accessories so this is perfect for me.

On the subject of recycling, I had 2 t shirts that were ready for the recycling tub.  They were frayed at the collars and were beyond repair.  Whilst I was going through all of my magazines I came across this.  You cut the t shirts in to strips and just plait them to use for dog toys.  I made 3.  They are for  Bentley my Yellow Labrador and Ruby my Spaniel.

Ruby loves them and has had all 3 by her side since I gave them to her.  Bentley isn’t interested at all!!

I managed to add some squares to my Battenberg Blanket pile.  I have just over a 100 to add to the coloured squares and then I can start joining with the white.  There will be 1020 squares in total and it will fit a king size bed.

Lastly we already have the first project that might be taken off the list.  I signed up for the mystery Cal from The Crochet Project.  As I am on a stash ban for 12 months I treated myself a few weeks ago to these beautiful hand dyed yarns.

The project is for a shawl or a scarf.  I was going for the shawl.  I’ve stopped on week 1.  It is now on week 3.  I’m not sure I like it.  I am watching peoples progress and I think I am going to wait until all of the elements are put together before I proceed.  I can not afford to use £60 worth of yarn on a project I don’t like.  The project seems easy enough so it won’t take me long to make if I do decide to make it.

Well if you got the end of this post a massive thank you to you.  I didn’t intend for it to be so long!


Learning to Knit

I’m a crocheter not a knitter. My mum is a prolific knitter and memories from childhood are her knitting away whilst watching Coronation Street. It seemed that her eyes never looked at the knitting. Back then it was cheaper to knit jumpers rather than buy them. She also sewed. I can remember going to Fabric Warehouse with her in Cheltenham as a teen to choose the fabrics for my wrap around skirts. She didn’t even use patterns. It was all done by eye. I don’t seem to have inherited that gene.

I am desperate to knit. I want socks, jumpers and shawls. I tried to knit last summer. I thought my first knitted item would be socks 🤦‍♀️ as you can imagine it didn’t work. I didn’t even know how to cast on or do a knit stitch! I also tried to learn to knit on 9 inch circular needles….

After my huge mistake of trying to walk before I could run, I have gone back to basics. I have a huge stash of Stylecraft DK scraps. I am making a patchwork blanket. Each square is 6 inches. I am doing 4 squares of each stitch. I am now on stocking stitch. I have to say it’s very addictive. Now I can see why people always have something on the needles. They are also knitting up so quickly.

One of my Year of Projects is my patchwork knitted blanket. I hope you enjoy my journey of me dipping my toes in to the world of knitting.

Year Of Projects

I’m a list maker. A typical Virgo. I have lists for all sorts. Wants, needs, decorating, gardening and mostly crafting.

Whilst scrolling through Ravelry a few nights ago, I stumbled upon a group called the Year Of Projects. I seem to have found it at the right time as the new year starts on the 1st of July. I immediately joined the group and everyone gave me such a warm welcome and answered my many questions.

I have started my list of projects I want to complete throughout the year. I am on about 120 so far!! I admit it’s a massive amount but I’m all about aiming high. Will I complete all of them? I doubt it but I’m going to give it a good go.

I have also added a twist to my year. I am on a complete stash ban. Needles, glue and blades don’t count though. If I need one ball of yarn to finish a project then that’s okay but that’s it. It’s rather eye opening that I have already everything in my stash to complete the projects. If the shows are back on I will be going to the NEC with my mum in March or April. I will be keeping a tally of how much I spend in the sidebar.

Due to coronavirus I am currently not at work. I am working from home but due to no commute and having my lunch at home, I have a lot more time. I will be spending my next week or so prepping projects. Cutting fabric is not my favourite thing to do. It’s one of the things that put me off sewing. When I am back at work like everyone time is taken up with clubs, housework and generally running a house. If my projects are cut and ready to go I can grab one in my spare time. The most enjoyable to me is matching yarn to patterns. Getting to squish and feel the yarn is such a pleasure.

Well if you got to the end, thank you. I will be posting my list on a separate page in the next few days. I hope you enjoy following my journey over the next 12 months.